Youth Exchange

youth exchange is a project funded by the European Commission and Erasmus Plus program where groups of youth from different  countries share their daily life during 2 or 3 weeks. This type of projects allow participants to exchange and share knowledge about a social matter related with migrations, feminisms, inclusion, climate justice or others. For youth it means a context of intercultural approach through coexistence and non-formal education. Each national group has their volunteers and their local coordinator and they should prepare their experience in advanced. Youth exchanges programs are a very good way to have your first international experience. If you want more information, you can write to [email protected]

For the target group of youth participating in the Youth Exchange, we are aiming at the following:

  • Developing skills that contribute to active citizenship and participation in their local communities;
  • Increasing ability of critical thinking, open-mindedness by broadening their perspectives toward opportunities;
  • Raising awareness of inclusion and non-discrimination through video, photo and digital skills;
  • Increasing mental flexibility in order to generate positive attitudes and behaviors;
  • Developing self-regulatory skills of motivating themselves and showing determination towards discovering and designing their life purpose;
  • Motivating participants by inviting inspiring entrepreneurs who are already working and employing disabled and fewer opportunity youth;
  • Raising self-awareness of own talents, skills, past achievements and successes;
  • Learning to learn towards growing skills that can lead to their life purpose;
  • Developing competences of dealing with judgement, obstacles, mistakes, coming from others or themselves;
  • Improving their health and mental well-being through sharing methods and techniques that support in cultivating new habits, attitudes and behaviors;
  • Developing tools and peer support groups for sustainable learning transfer from the YE to daily life activity.

In case you are interested to apply as a participant, please for more information contact us From the contact info below.

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